I know you won’t see this but,

I get that it’s only been a week but I miss you like crazy. We went from talking everyday to not talking at all. I know that you probably don’t feel that same but it still hurts. It hurts knowing that I don’t have you there anymore. My birthday is coming and I had so much I wanted to do. I have the whole weekend off and was hoping I could be there for it. And spend it with you. Also I got your present that I had got you the day we broke up. And I keep looking at it because it was yours and now I have two. Matching. Oh well I guess. I miss everything we did together. I am sorry. I am sorry for everything I did. All I wanted was for us to have a good future. I honestly loved everything about you. And I’m sorry for everything I did. I miss you texting me good morning. I miss you calling me angel or princess. I miss the smile you always put on my face. I try to make it seem like I’m okay but inside I am a crumbling mess. But holding it together. I just wish you would talk to me. I wish I could figure this out. I wish you would want me again.